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What are our Steps and Procedures

This Groundbreaking Technique of peripheral magnetic stimulation (PMS) is powerful and effective. It is carried out at my rheumatology clinic 116 Harley Street / TMS rooms, where my patients are seen and treated with either transcranial MS or PMS.

Firstly, an accurate diagnosis is made by an expert Consultant Rheumatologist (Tel 02077308508).

Patients may have further in-depth scans to locate the exact area of pain and source of the Pathology Focused Treatment

Accurate diagnosis is imperative before treatment with RTMS or PMS otherwise mistake can be made with cancers which might have been overlooked but mimic the pain and inflammatory arthritis which may also mimic the symptoms of fibromyalgia. So, the diagnosis and prescription for TMS and Musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgia should always be carried out by a rheumatology consultant.

This ensures safety for our patients on their pain journey.

Mr. Elliot Nation is our TMS assistant and specialist osteopath in the TMS London / rheumatology clinic.

Chris Morgan is our rheumatology clinic / TMS London clinic manager.

Alexandra Orfanides is also a specialist osteopath working in our team. She specialises in the highly effective Active Release Technique.

We also work with Physio Motion. Home | PhysioMotion – London physiotherapy

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